Kalen Wallin

Kalen Wallin

Software Engineer 👨‍💻

Solving problems and automating solutions since 2019 🛠️
- Finished freelance graphic design contract for Mystic Rhoads Productions in April.
- Graduated with honors and highest distinction from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics in August. View UNL Diploma or View UNL Transcript. - Started freelance designing and developing a harvest reporting and inventory management website for Wallin Farms in August. - Started freelance graphic designing for Mystic Rhoads Productions in June. - Started software development internship at Sandhills Global in October. - Switched from intern to fulltime software developer at Sandhills Global in December.
- Studied abroad at Reykjavik University in Iceland from January to June. View RU Transcript - Worked remotely as a Django web developer for FarmAfield full-time from July to August.
- Worked remotely as a Django web developer intern at FarmAfield full-time from June to August and in-office part-time from August to November. - Worked as a Teaching Assistant in Software Engineering (CSCE 361) from August to December.
- Joined University of Nebraska Honors in January.
- Started studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in August. - Graduated from Chase County High School as the valedictorian in May. View CCHS Transcript

Featured Experiences 👀

From high school until now I’ve worked on some cool projects that you can find below 😎

Working 💼

In 2014, I started working for my parents on their farm during the summers when I wasn’t in school 🚜 In 2017, I switched to Lifeguarding at the Imperial City Pool 🌊 Throughout my university career from 2019 to 2023, I had a series of internships and part-time jobs as a web developer at FarmAfield, a teaching assistant in a software engineering course, and a graphic designer at Mystic Rhoads Productions 👨‍💼 Once I graduated from university, I started freelance developing for Wallin Farms and freelance graphic designing at Mystic Rhoads Productions. 🌽 After 2 months of job search, I was hired by Sandhills Global as a Software Developer Intern where I trained for 2 months to be a full-time Software Developer.

Pet Projects 🎨

If you know me as a developer, you know I’ve spent a ton of time on portfolios I’ll never get back. A place I call portfolio hell. Learn more in the posts below 👇 I also made a glorified spreadsheet for a weightlifting routine 💪

Fun School Projects 🎓

Fun and school usually don’t go together, but somehow I’ve managed to connect gaming with school and games are a lot of fun 🎮😃


I also have a blog that I post to sometimes ✍️

My Resume 📄